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ROFL president Blair hahaha

Loving the intro, the game was awesome too, just a little too short, and a tad bit easy. Add a few levels, maybe even some more villains, and this would definetely deserve to be the #1 submission of all time! Good job man


by, "helped me out a bit", do you mean you COMPLETELY copied EVERY word of that book, just with your own graphics (or stolen graphics)? Looks like it.

Cactusjuice responds:

I did my own graphics,all I did was copy the actionscripting and I simplified it,I didn't copy the book,if I did it would be much much longer.


you should compress your audio ANYWAY. If you dont, then it will never make it to 3.5

only problem was that

the only way to shoot forward was face back, then face forward again, and then do that again, and so on and so forth, there should just be a shoot button


you already submitted this

jshpro2 responds:

uhh no this is version 2 you shitfaced rimjawed assholeish cocksucking piece of steaming cow dung.

maybe i was a little harsh

"your gay!!!!!!"

dude that was freakin awesome

I am so addicted to this game, god you are awesome at making dating sims

really good game

way too hard though

I am a huge fan of Sim Girl

I like this game even better though, the only thing is that I dont wanna have to pay for the whole version.

that was pretty good

but the movies are better, and the boss was way too hard. Come now, there are many more games than this that are better, but it was pretty fun and I was glued to it for a half hour, so I give a 7 cuz its xiao xiao

got really boring

it was good until the part where it continued

zipstyke responds:


It is a tutorial. No guns and death here sorry...

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